In Milwaukee, they never met a spending project they didn’t like. Just ask Milwaukee’s Mayor, Tom Barrett. Since Barrett became Mayor, city spending has skyrocketed by 27% or $320 million.
Like his counterpart in the Oval Office, Barrett seems determined to burden the middle class with big spending projects that show little result. Having campaigned with Barack Obama by his side, perhaps we should not be surprised by his class warfare, scorched earth fiscal policies.

Instead of responsible oversight of the city’s budget, Barrett has chosen to spend, spend, spend – all paid for by tax increases thrust upon hard working taxpayers like you and I. Even in these challenging economic times, Barrett demands that Wisconsin pay his bills. Having once promised that Milwaukee property taxes would not be increased, what’s the very first thing Barrett did? That’s right. He broke his promise in the very first budget he presented and has continued to increase taxes and fees ever since. Property taxes have gone up more than 20% since he became mayor.

Like his counterpart Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, Barrett’s policies have meant fewer opportunity and ballooning unemployment, all to the detriment of area residents. Since Tom Barrett became took over, unemployment is up 27% and Milwaukee’s jobless rate is poor in comparison to the rest of Wisconsin. Given Barrett’s irresponsible, reckless fiscal policies, is it any wonder?


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