Local property taxes rose to unprecedented levels under the guidance of Madison Liberal Kathleen Falk. Like her cohorts Tom Barrett and Barack Obama, Falk is a true believer in big government – so much so that her one last parting gift for Milwaukee consisted of a whopping 8% property tax hike. That’s right.

Kathleen Falk was responsible for proposing the second largest tax increase in all of Wisconsin. And the last time she ran for governor, she had similar plans for state taxpayers. The fact is, Kathleen Falk never met a tax she didn’t like.

While Dane County’s unemployment rate is traditionally lower than the rest of Wisconsin, the employment numbers during tenure are illuminating. When Falk took office, Dane County’s unemployment rate stood at 1.7%. By the time she left office, unemployment jumped to 5.2%.

And each time she raised taxes – you guessed it. We lost jobs. Unemployment rose during her tenure as Dane County Executive. In fact, it tripled.

*Sources: PolitiFact Wisconsin; Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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